Next Steps

We're glad you are thinking about your next steps regarding your relationship with God and his church. We hope we can help you find a spot perfect for you—a place where you'll feel that you belong.

In our Spiritual Growth Model we depict our lives growing in a sequence of steps:

Spiritual Growth Model

Here is an article that describes these 5 steps and the resources that GBC provides to assist you in your spiritual growth.

Here are links to the resources mentioned in the PDF article below. Most are free.

••The exploreGOD website

••The GotQuestions website

••Our worship service messages

••Personal appointment with the pastor

••The Gospel Centered Life book

••The Self Confrontation book

••Online Bible resources here, here, and here

••Growth Group opportunities

••What it means to be saved/born again

••What it means to be baptized

••What it means to join a church