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••In 1 week, people from 31 non-US countries made 1,036 visits to our Facebook page. 


••In the past 2 months, 109 non-attenders liked 1 or more posts.

••In a recent month, viewers watched Pastor Adam's “Daily Dose of Psalms” 1,180 times on YouTube. 


••"Spontaneous Prayer with Pastor Adam" had 21 participants for 2 Facebook Live prayer times and 442 views of the posted videos.

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••In July, listeners in 25 states and 8 countries downloaded 635 sermons.

••Over 4 years, there were 14,390 downloads.


••271 sermons are now broadcasting 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Sermons downloaded across the world
Top Country: Israel - 608 downloads (recent month)
Grace Bible Church Global Impact
Sermons downloaded across the USA
Top State: California - 87 downloads (recent month)
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