Testimonials about Grace Bible Church

A young family

We started regularly attending Grace Bible Church after visiting many churches in the area. GBC provides a great environment for building a family. The children’s ministries are wonderful. Our 4 young children enjoy coming on Sunday’s for Sunday School and Kingdom Kids, and look forward to Awana every week. Through small groups and other ministries, we’ve connected with many great families, grown spiritually, and found many meaningful ways to serve. We’re proud to call GBC our home and the people, family.

A transformed life

In prison God drew me to himself, and before I was released a few years ago I received a degree in theology. Grace Bible Church has welcomed me with open arms. I’ve preached, taught classes, and even gotten married there. Now I run a local ministry called RAW that extends the same welcome I received to those who seek honest sharing, transformative teaching, and mutual support as we find healing in God.

A long-time member

I spent many years in a Christian cult that twisted the meaning of the Bible, until God rescued me. I am a person who studies diligently, and wants to be certain that there is solid evidence for what I believe. Grace Bible is a church that I know teaches biblical truth…the truth that sets us free, as Jesus promised. It stands firmly on the written Word of God, proclaiming its authoritative truth without apology. For over 80 years, Grace Bible has consistently spoken the truth in love, which we all need to hear.

A young adult

I was not a likely person to find myself enjoying church. I suspected that I would be unwelcome and judged because of my lifestyle. A few loving people at GBC reached out to me, and I came to know God’s love through their acceptance of me. I was able to ask questions freely, without judgment and learn about Christ’s love through His word and people at GBC. This is a place of safety for me and it’s my home. You can listen more about how God has transformed my life here.

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